IFE conducts educational seminars, providing an excellent forum for executives of the world's largest corporation, public and Taft Hartley pension funds, foundations and endowments.

Since 1985 institutional investors from around the world have participated in IFE's educational programs. More than 3800 executives have attended IFE seminars.

Committed to education, IFE seminars are considered the most value added in the business. IFE is solely responsible for every aspect of its programs. We do not allow any marketing during the seminar, either formally or informally, to ensure an objective forum for the discussion of issues. Research papers presented provide the academic framework for both formal and informal discussions.

Trustee Handbook

This practical reference guide for public pension fund trustees is distributed free of charge to all board members of public retirement systems. It's written by people who know the business--pension plan sponsors, consultants, actuaries and investments

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